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June 29, 2023 | 0

It's been eight years since we first introduced Dr. Michele Trammell, her husband Bryan Woods, and their mobile veterinary business, Vet to Pets, to the readers of our blog. At the time, they had just taken delivery of their first mobile hospital, a La Boit-built 28ft diesel veterinary clinic.

"Vet to Pets is 100% mobile, serving the greater Savannah, Georgia area," we wrote. "Since taking delivery of their clinic in July, Dr. Michelle and her husband, Bryan, have been very busy with new clients. Their key to success is giving each client a high-touch, personal experience."

A lot can happen in eight years (COVID-19 anyone?). For Vet to Pets, they spent those years building one of the most successful mobile veterinary clinics in Georgia with over 8000 patients. During the pandemic, they worked overtime as brick and mortar veterinarians closed their doors or went to curbside only. And in 2022, they tragically experienced a tornado at their personal property from which they are still rebuilding over a year later.

"The Tornado was devastating," Dr. Trammell wrote to us in an email interview. "Worst part besides losing everything was it happened just after COVID restrictions were lifted and we had been working six to seven days a week."

Dr. Trammell explained that the support from the community is what surprised them the most. Their clients who owned businesses came out with their big equipment to help clear debris after the storm. Many brought their families and food to help out in any way they could.

"What we didn’t expect was the love and support from clients and community as far as 50 miles away," she said.

Despite the overwhelming COVID schedule and a tornado too, Dr. Michele Trammell and Bryan Woods persevered.  After everything, they still decided the time was right to invest in their business and build a new clinic. Dr. Trammel says they wanted to scale their clinic to better service their market of clients.

First, was opting for a smaller, gas-powered truck, which would allow them to better navigate the smaller, upscale communities they work in. She also made several changes to the interior, including eliminating the cages and adding a few custom options too.

"We opted for more storage area for supplies and a built-in floor scale which Koni [La Boit's National Sales Manager] and I talked about years ago," she wrote.

There was no doubt in Dr. Trammell's mind who would build the new mobile clinic.

"La Boit builds the best hospital and we offer best mobile veterinary care so we don’t won’t anything to look like an after thought," she told us.

When you talk with Dr. Trammell, it's clear that her perseverance and dedication to the mobile practice model is one of the reasons that Vet to Pets has become so successful.

"The personal relationships you build, it started with offering a personal service for a family and before you know it, you are family," she said.

She says she hopes more veterinarians will see the benefits of owning a mobile practice. She has seen some mobile veterinarians come and go in her area, and she wishes there were more.

"We hope to see more mobile veterinarians in the future; people enjoy the stress free convenience of having Vet to Pets come to them," she said.

She says she has personally used her experience to help several other veterinarians get started in mobile by educating them on what to expect.

"There are more variables when practicing mobile," she wrote. "However the reward is greater because the pets and owners are less stressed and you are part of the family."

Recently, Dr. Michele celebrated her 30th year in the practice of veterinary medicine. Her husband Bryan posted a lovely video on Facebook celebrating all of her accomplishments:

"Graduated on Dean's List, mentor to 29 veterinary students, successfully completing or exceeding annual CE credits, licensed to practice in three states, Chief of Staff of three hospitals and published several written articles," he wrote.

Thank you, Dr. Michele Trammell and Bryan Woods for trusting us to build your second mobile veterinary clinic! Congratulations!

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